High-quality industrial coatings

Painting services with know-how

We offer a wide range of services in the field of industrial paintwork and coatings.

As a classic paint shop, we rely 100% on our employees' expertise based on decades of experience.

We guarantee high-quality work, from initial preparations through to the final quality inspection.

Painting preparations

Be it filling, sanding, polishing, washing, degreasing, or cleaning - all preparatory work is conducted with the utmost care. This ensures the perfect basis for a high-quality paint finish.

Wet coatings

The focus of our day-to-day business is wet painting. We coat all kinds of metal and plastic, but we also paint glass and mirrors to our renowned high-quality standards.

EMC shielding

Electromagnetic compatibility regulations make it necessary to shield every electronic device with e.g., copper. We also coat any type of component in this sector.

Paint mixing facilites

Thanks to our own colour mixing facilities, we can mix Pantone, RAL, HKS and special colours according to your specifications. This enables us to offer our customers high-quality, customised paintwork for small series as well as large quantities.